What Inspires Me to Live Pink

by Stephanie on October 25, 2012

In support of Fit Approach and SELF magazine‘s campaign to #livepink, I would like to open up and share my feelings about what living pink means to me.

Sweat Pink(Source)

I don’t interpret supporting breast cancer research just as wearing pink, but as living a preventative lifestyle and promoting healthy living. I’m pretty young in my twenties and I choose to make a commitment to healthy living and put in the odds in my favor.

I also try to encourage friends and family to participate in healthy living habits to ensure those close to me live a long, healthy life with me. I’m so proud of my mom when she participates in a tennis match on a Saturday morning or when my dad runs a 5k with me. My family’s active habits give me a good feeling that we are on the successful track to a long life. Since my parents are so active in the middle of their life, I am almost positive this will help prevent any serious health issues when they get into an older age. I feel this way because each person I personally know who was a serious health issue as they get older are people who never exercised as an adult. Stabilizing the core and other important muscle groups and maintaining this promotes life-long health.


Cooking healthy dinners of lean protein and vegetables at the house also helps decrease our waist lines. Some of the go-to dishes my family and I like to make are citrus tilapia, soups and roasted vegetables. Of course we balance it out with birthday cake and wine here and there, but I feel very good about my family’s overall health.

lobster bisque

I am also motivated to continue to live pink by one other very important person in my life – my boyfriend Ryan. He caught the fitness bug a few years ago and is so dedicated to increase his strength. I can’t even believe the amount he lifts every day! To enhance his workouts, Ryan also ensures he drinks plenty of water and takes enough protein and supplements before and after each workout to ensure he his fueling his workouts properly. I am inspired to make it to the gym so I can recount my workout of the day to him and we can compare muscle soreness. I’m so proud of you, babe!

Me and Ryan

It’s also fun to live pink with other friends – I run with co-workers and complete circuits with my bestie. My best friend Jessica told me she was sore for days after our circuit when we visited Equinox gym in Miami. It’s also a goal of mine to increase the buddy system and complete buddy workouts a little more often.

Another live pink inspiration of mine is to one day raise enough money to complete the Susan G. Komen 3 day walk in Atlanta. A co-worker just returned from the event and raved about the energy that she witnessed at the walk. It’s a large feat, but sounds like a great support group for survivors and those who support the cause.

Living pink isn’t just about wearing and buying pink items to support the research, but motivating others to live a long and healthy lifestyle together.

What inspires you to #livepink? 

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