What are the best winter vacation destinations?

by Stephanie on December 27, 2012

Every year, I spend Christmas at home with my friends and family. In college, the only place I wanted to be was home and it becomes even more exciting when other faraway friends visit home for the holidays. I really can’t imagine being anywhere else.

The only holiday trips I’ve taken in the past few years were to Boston to visit my best friend Jessica for her birthday. The air would be crisp and cold and the holiday decorations were up, making the birthday trips that much more merry and bright.

me and Jessica

But then recently I’ve seen others on Facebook posting about traveling during the holidays. To be honest, I can’t see myself reasonably swallowing the cost and stress of traveling during the busiest time of the year. With that said, I can’t help imagine what it would be like to travel around Christmas and where I would like to go.

1. North Conway, New Hampshire

North Conway, NH(Source)

A fellow sorority sister posted a picture of her view in the mountains and my breath was taken away. It really is a winter wonderland here. It look like this is where you would end up if you chased Rudolph through the forest and came to a clearing. I have heard wonderful things about New Hampshire in the first place, but viewing images of North Conway makes me believe the rumors are true. The area is actually a village and close to the Maine state line. The White Mountain National Forest must be where all the beautiful photos are taken. The only disadvantage is that it looks like it might be hard to travel to arrive at your destination. My further research starts now!

New Conway, NH(Source)

2. Williamsburg, Virginia

I’ve visited Williamsburg before as a kid in the summer when it was sticky and hot outside. I think it would be fun to take part in an ‘old-fashioned’ Christmas and visualize holiday traditions come to life in Colonial Williamsburg. For a small area, there is so much to offer! All of the regions around Williamsburg come together for one big Christmas celebration. One event that stands out is ’100 Miles of Lights’, which is the collective total mileage of lights in certain displays throughout the holidays. You can head on over to Christmas Town in Busch Gardens or take a Decorations Tour in Colonial Williamsburg. It would be hard to tire of the sights with all the Christmas events Williamsburg has to offer!

Williamsburg Christmas


3. New Orleans, Louisiana

I just find any excuse to add New Orleans to a travel list! I think this city has a charm like no other. I can only imagine the warm, welcoming feeling I would receive during the holidays. I was also encouraged to include NOLA after reading an excerpt from a Fox News article ‘Five Unique Christmas Destinations‘.

The writer pointed out hotel stay in the area at Christmas is relatively affordable and the ease of overindulging in French holiday traditions. The local restaurants host holiday dinners called reveillon dinners that are fixed-price, multi-course meals that involve indulgent dishes of the city’s renowned seafood. Sign me up!

New Orleans Christmas(Source)

NOLA also has a pop-up Christmas theme park each year with bright lights and carnival rides in New Orleans City Park. There sounds like so much to see! The decorations must be out of this world! And the climate wouldn’t be too cold for a Floridian like me.

4. Aspen, Colorado

I have to round out the list with a Colorado ski destination because the area just screams winter. I’ve never been skiing and have only seen snow once, so I think the next time I venture to any snowy destination it will be a shock.

Aspen Christmas(Source)

One cool thing about being in Aspen for Christmas is the ’12 Days of Aspen’ events, held throughout the end of the month. Free festivities such as yoga for skiers visiting Santa’s reindeer sounds like something that would keep my heart happy and warm during the holidays, as long as I had someone special to snuggle with at night. :)

I only chose U.S. locations for the ease of traveling during the busy holiday season. My list also includes mostly locations on the East coast, because I have so much left to see on my coast!

What would be your dream holiday/winter vacation? 


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