I completed Pretty Muddy in Miami!

by Stephanie on November 18, 2012

Yesterday I drove to Hialeah to participate in the first Pretty Muddy race event at Amelia Earhart park. I normally wouldn’t sign up for a mud run by myself since I’m not a fan of getting knee deep in mud, but I accepted the invitation to participate when Courtney contacted me.

I selected a mid-morning wave time of 11 a.m. It looked like many groups of women dressed up in costume, tutus and knee socks had already ran the race and were covered in mud from head to toe. Even though I expected this to be a smaller event since it was new, I was impressed with the amount of people out there! It also seemed like a bunch of husbands and children and other friends and family members came out to support the female runners. Pretty Muddy

Checking in at the registration booth was a cinch and I didn’t need to check my gear. A DJ and an MC hosted the event and pumped up the crowd with popular music. I attached my bib number to my shirt and was ready to go. I was so ready, in fact, I thought I was at the starting line for the 11 a.m. wave since the 10:30 a.m. wave just went through a little bit before. I guess there was a 10:45 wave and I started the race with the rest of the group, oops. I didn’t mind starting early because I didn’t know what to expect.

Pretty Muddy Booth

I took a little sneak peek at Meghann‘s review of Pretty Muddy in Tampa to get a feel of what I would expect. I think all the obstacles were the same or pretty close to what I saw on her blog. (I didn’t bring a camera or phone with me in fear of messing it up, so you can check out some pictures of the obstacles on the Pretty Muddy Facebook page.)

Here is a quick run through of the obstacles. (Not necessarily in chronological order – I did my best.)

  • Foam pit – I ran out with a bunch of bubbles trailing behind me.
  • A frame – Way to conquer my first fear of falling by climbing up a rope way to turn around and make it the bottom. I kept it slow and steady.
  • Mud pit crawling – You had to do the one-leg-in-one-leg-out routine (similar to tires) through the ropes, then crawl under the ropes in the mud! First mud obstacle.
  • Wood you rather – Carry a 1 x 4 log around a loop and back
  • Climb over a wood wall – Another climb up and around event – the wall was covered with muddy handprints from fellow runner!
  • Ball pit – It was fun kicking the beach balls around.
  • Over under a smaller wood wall – You would climb over the first hurdle, then under the next one for two rounds.  The under meant you were getting muddy.
  • So Tubular – You would have to travel through large tubes lined with mud at the bottom. I took the hint of the runner in front of me and climbed through the larger tube so I could duck and walk through instead of crawl. Otherwise, I totally would have crawled!
  • Muddy water slide – I went down a clean water slide into a pool of mud. The water on the slide was actually refreshing! I almost slipped through the mud and another runner almost ate it too. That mud was like quicksand.
I think I covered it all! When I encountered the A frame, I was a little hesitant to accomplish this obstacle since I am VERY klutzy and I was afraid I would fall during all the obstacles that required me to climb up and over. I just can’t get my footing right when I climb over! I was very tempted to skip these attractions, but I mustered up the courage to complete them and it felt good! There was a good portion of time in the middle of the race I ran down a very narrow path, pretty much secluded. If I had many others the same pace as me, it would be hard to travel through at once! That being said, it felt kind of creepy being there myself on that path.
One thing I was questioning as I prepared for the race was if I should use my regular running shoes or a pair I didn’t care about. I had JUST thrown out an old pair of shoes that had been sitting in my closet for years and I never used. I didn’t want to use my regular shoes and wash them because I didn’t think there would be enough time for my shoes to dry before my half marathon the next day. I grabbed a pair of shoes from Wal-Mart and prayed my shoes would provide enough grip and support during the run and obstacles. (Thankfully they worked out fine.)
Here is the before and after of the shoes. It was fun to see them so brand new and then filthy:
Shoes BeforeShoes After
In regards to my feedback, there were a few things I took note for improvement:
  • Rocks in the mud? They scratched up my knees! Ow, painful and not safe.
  • The secluded area of the path was very narrow for a large group to run but also very secluded for a single person to run.
  • I would have more volunteers (if possible) to monitor the route because the ropes to line the route were very spread out and hard to tell the route sometimes, in my opinion.
  • One of the water tables were out of water when I got there.
After the race, a huge group of women were nearby hosing off. I misunderstood that the “showers” were hoses and I was kind of disappointed. I understand it’s difficult to accommodate showers for hundreds of women and am thankful that the ability to rinse off and change on-site was provided. After that, it was time to go!
Pretty Muddy Before and After

I am very impressed with the Pretty Muddy race tour. (And I got two really cute shirts out of it!) I like how this run provided no pressure for time, just to get out there to have fun. All the participants came out to run with female family and friends, which is always a great idea! Working out with those I love is always something I enjoy. I had a fun time and will consider running it again next year!

(Disclaimer: A Pretty Muddy representative contacted me offering free race registration in exchange for blogging about the event. My race entry was comped, but all opinions are my own.)

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