Holiday Fun at Flamingo Gardens

by Stephanie on December 10, 2012

Hey guys and happy Monday! This weekend was just as jam-packed as last weekend, but in a different way. Not as much going out but just as much fun!

Friday after work, I rushed to the gym and ran some errands before making my buffalo chicken burgers for a quick dinner. Next up my dad and I went to see the movie Flight at our local theater.

I made it an early night because it was an exhausting week for sure. Saturday morning, I woke up and completed some Christmas tasks, such as wrapping gifts while watching Hallmark Christmas movies.

I also caught up on Glee, painted my nails, and ate the BEST cinnamon chip muffin ever!

Other errands from Saturday included a gym session on the treadmill and returning some things at the mall.

I can’t wait to show a tutorial how I revamped the t-shirt I’m wearing!
Saturday night, Ryan and I headed to a holiday light night at Flamingo Gardens. The event was smallish, but I can’t pass down an inexpensive holiday event. It was only $5!

I’ve also learned I need to visit Flamingo Gardens in the daytime! I would define it as a wildlife preserve/smallish zoo in South Florida. I ‘m a sucker for any place like this!

After hanging out there, we visited the Flamingo Road Nursery and Farmers’ Market. It was kind of a dud, since most people didn’t know it was staying open late this weekend. Then it was time for drinks.

We went to a sports bar for dinner and a bucket of beers. It was a bleau cheese burger and Heinekens for me. While we are at the bar, we simultaneously watched the Heat game, Frosty the Snowman and sports trivia. Gotta love the big screen.

Sunday morning involved laying in bed all day and watching movies on TV, such as Easy A and 27 Dresses. It’s so important to rest up when the busy holiday weeks are ahead!

Late afternoon, I headed to Michael’s for some items to help package my Christmas gifts.


Now I’m getting ready for the Aerosmith concert! I can’t wait to recap it for you guys!


How was your weekend?

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Katie December 10, 2012 at 3:51 pm

Love that movie, I own it! Sundays are great for being lazy!

Happy Monday girl!

Reply December 10, 2012 at 10:54 pm

The weekend was a good one! My long run was 7 miles and I had lots of thinking to do so it went by quickly.

I haven’t seen 27 dresses… is it good? The last good movie I watched was “Hope Springs”

Hope you have a great week!


Stephanie December 10, 2012 at 11:54 pm

Yay for completing a long run! The movie ’27 Dresses’ is the usual rom-com that will suck you in and keep you away from all productivity. It’s a perfect movie to watch with girlfriends!


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