by Stephanie on August 31, 2012

After work today, my best friend Jessica and I drove down to Coral Gables to try out Equinox gym for fun. Jess was interested in checking out the place for a possible membership since she is in this area frequently to see family. I was asked to tag along for the ride. :)

Equinox gym

Equinox is an elite gym and is known for its premier locations. There are three locations in Florida: Aventura, Coral Gables and South Beach. The Coral Gables location is nestled inside the beautiful Village of Merrick Park. (If you are ever in the Miami area, you must check out this area!)

Village of Merrick Park

After filling out guest liability forms, Jess and I toured the facilities with a membership consultant. They pride themselves on their state-of-the-art equipment and classes. The locker rooms are fully equipped with hair dryers and Kiehl’s products – I would give them an A+ in sanitation.

Equinox locker room

I’m proud to say this is the first time I ever lead a workout for someone else other than myself! I had a great time planning a workout for us to try while testing out the place. Recently, I’ve realized it is fun to use the ‘buddy system’ in workouts and have someone along for the workout ride. I usually ride solo in my fitness, but this was a nice change. The workout we completed:

Equinox workout

It really was a challenge! Jess and I were sweating by the time we were done. The gym isn’t too large, but they really packed the cardio area with alot of equipment.

Equinox workout room

We went in the early afternoon and there weren’t too many fellow gym-goers. I can only imagine what the place is like at peak hours like 5 pm!

After our elliptical warm up, I took a spin on this baby:

Power plate

I think it was called a power plate and it vibrated while you completed exercises. I completed squats on the machine for 30 seconds while the machine buzzed away.  The consultant warned us not to use the machine for too long. I don’t think I’ll feel any different tomorrow, but my face was definitely vibrating when I tried it!

Equinox workout studio

Jessica and I finished the rest of our circuit workout in the studio room. In terms of group fitness, the gym houses this room, a cycling studio (with 40 bikes wall to wall!), a pilates studio and a yoga studio. The class descriptions sounded very state-of-the-art, but we were limited in time and couldn’t try one out. Here’s a description from one of the classes, Metcon3: “Meet your goals head on and fully amped in body and mind! Perfectly scripted, this high-intensity metabolic conditioning workout taxes all 3 energy systems and acts like a fat-incinerator to ensure results that leave you fit and motivated for the demands of your life.” Pretty sophisticated, huh? ;)

Equinox juice bar

To me Equinox just seemed like a normal gym that was really clean and didn’t smell like sweaty people.  Equinox Coral Gables additionally has a juice bar, a fitness retail shop, a pool and spa. Members also enjoy complimentary eucalyptus towels and Kiehl’s products during his or her workout.  Now if you are willing to dish up $150+ a month for membership + parking, etc., then I want your life. :) But I definitely had fun trying it out for the day!

Where is the most ‘upscale’ fitness studio you have attended? 

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Ashley May 20, 2013 at 5:44 pm

Hey there, just discovered your blog! I know this was an old post but I’ve been dying to try an equinox they look so nice and fancy. I could never afford it but there are a few locations by me and I want to use my guest pass wisely haha


Stephanie May 20, 2013 at 6:07 pm

Hi Ashley! To be honest, the Equinox Coral Gables location didn’t have much more that other, standard gyms offer. Unfortunately I didn’t to try a class which is where I think the real difference lies! I think Ashley from healthyhappierbear.com is a member and ending her membership soon. You could always ask her about Equinox! Thanks for reading. :)


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