Hi! My name is Stephanie and I am a twenty-something South Floridian, living my life one step at a time. I’m a big advocate of finding a balance and love indulging in the best life has to offer while also fitting in smart and healthy choices. It became clear to me starting this blog was one small step to contributing to the big picture in the ever-growing world of health and fitness.

Disney Princess Marathon 2012

After I completed my first half marathon!

After I graduated college, I set personal goals for myself along with my professional goals. My first goal was to complete a half marathon within the first year of college graduation. In February 2012, I completed my goal by finishing the Disney Princess Half Marathon – I ran non-stop!

I didn’t just complete a half-marathon, but I also learned alot about myself along the way. I finally realized that I can accomplish big goals by taking small, slow steps to get there. I am definitely the tortoise in this fable – slow and steady steps are essential to winning my race. This leads me to today, where I start to document the next slow and steady steps as I log miles, races, recipes and the musings of daily life.

With my family at a football game

Cheering on my sister’s college team at a football game

Additional important people will be introduced along the way, but I will start with declaring with utmost importance that my family is the best support system. They have always been there for me and will always be there, like any wonderful family would!

I can’t wait to get blogging and meet the rest of your bloggies out there, so stay tuned! Please reach out to me at milesbysteph@gmail.com to start a conversation or just say hi!